War Absurdism Series

War absurdism is a series of stories that expose absurdity, but due to deeply established individual and collective patterns, also inevitability of war. My main motivation for this philosophical series were vaxxers and anti-vaxxers who have so irresistibly symbolised division, which is at the root of all conflicts. The concepts of the series apply to all wars.

Here are all the episodes:

“War Identity” is the first story and it is focused on how the media, due to the peculiar nature of its existence, cultivates fear and boosts polarisation. Now more than ever.

“There is a Time for Peace, and There is a Time for War” is dedicated to the Biblical King Solomon, apparently the wisest man alive, who said that everything comes in seasons, and war is no exception. It is definitely relatable.

“History is Written by the Victors” touches the essence of absurdity. If Putin wins the war, at one point we will live under the illusion that Putin is a hero and the West is evil. If the West wins the war, we will live under the illusion the West is a hero and Putin is evil. Same bullshit I say.

“The Smartest Nazis Always Get Away” is about Nazis that Russians and Americans employed after WWII and celebrated them as national heroes later during the Cold War. Both sides are unimaginably corrupted.

“War is in us” is the final story in the series and it is focused on the dominant mind pattern that essentially runs the system. There is no manipulation, there is no division nor wars if we stop seeking all that. Every country has a government it deserves, remember. It might be the crucial time to dissolve some old patterns.

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Karlo Tasler

Karlo Tasler


Explaining the complexity of life and its various perspectives through the beautiful game of football. Or rather the tragic game of football, so to speak.