Football = Life = Death. Photo: Karlo Tasler

Today I am shifting the focus of this blog. As PR people would say, I am rebranding myself. In six months, a year or two, I will publish a book about life. That’s why I am shifting the focus of this blog on football. Did I say a book about life? Sorry, I meant football.

I write about psychology, sociology, technology, COVID-19 and particularly philosophy, but using football as a channel to describe, explain and present phenomena happening in those fields of society. Most of the time philosophy is abstract, but using football as a tool, I can make it understandable to readers. Since I have been following football for 15 years, football is my main source of knowledge, and therefore my tool to write. I have realised that football mirrors society so everything we face in daily life exists in football as well. And vice versa. Everything! I want to show that to readers, and make them understand what really means when they say or hear words: “Football is life.”

So, in order to bring you my work closer, I will be publishing football-related stories. But not exactly. If you pay attention, you will see they are life-related, really. So, the blog is intended for all people who are interested in development, hypocrisy, welfare, dictatorship, ego, peace… Again, football is simply my tool to explain. All the writers have their tool to explain different processes. Many of them have tried to do it through love because love is something people can relate to. I am not handling love very well, so I am using football instead because, after all, we all speak the language of football. The language of life.

To say it in a modern way — this blog will be the base of the PR campaign for the book I am writing.



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Karlo Tasler

Karlo Tasler


Explaining the complexity of life and its various perspectives through the beautiful game of football. Or rather the tragic game of football, so to speak.