Anarchism 2021!

Karlo Tasler
4 min readJun 1, 2021


I have monumental news to share — we have entered the time of anarchism! In this article, you will find out why you hadn’t heard about such vital information anywhere else but on this obscure blog.

A man shouting at the policemen: “Where is your master Boris?” (photo: Karlo Tasler)

Another anti-lockdown/anti-COVID passports/anti-vaxx protest took place at the weekend in London, despite the newest restrictions, which prohibit outdoor gatherings of more than 30 people. I believe this one was the biggest protest so far, with more than a hundred thousand people joining the march. It was impossible to count, but to understand this monumental news, it is not essential to know the exact number. It is not even important what they protested against.

The important bit is only the following — a huge amount of people gathered illegally in central London, a huge amount of people illegally marched through the city, and authorities didn’t take action to stop them and bring them to justice. And yet — the media didn’t cover any of that.

Protesters marching in central London. (Photo: Karlo Tasler)

That is called anarchism — a society without authorities. Or, in this case, when anarchism is still young — a society with insufficient authorities.

Why are the police not reacting? Why are the media not covering such an interesting story?

One of the most important roles of the media is to be a guardian of democracy. The media needs to protect democracy, and from that point of view, it is understandable why the media is not covering these protests, anarchism. However, it might be a bit late to protect democracy because the media already failed when it didn’t guard democracy against the dictatorship that slowly started spreading in March of 2020.

Anarchism is simply a byproduct of dictatorship. It doesn’t exist without dictatorship. They are two parallel processes, and every time dictatorship gets stronger, anarchism gets stronger as well. We could see that this weekend — as the mainstream media didn’t cover the protest (act of dictatorship), the protesters decided to storm the Westfield shopping centre in Sheperd’s Bush and force it to close (act of anarchism). The result — coverage in the biggest UK media.

The Guardian even stated: “The Westfield invasion came after a mass march of about 12 miles through London, starting in Parliament Square and reaching as far west as Acton. At its height, there appeared to be hundreds of thousands of people taking part.”

Photo: Karlo Tasler

We can conclude that the anarchism of 2021 craves for the media coverage. It wants to be heard. What will protesters do next time to get coverage? Rob a bank? — That is how anarchy is being spread. And soon, we have the situation where people gather at weekends and rob banks to force media to cover that.

As the media will be covering the protests, or at least isolated incidents of the protests, the coverage will be increasing, and more and more people will be joining the protests. The media will need to acknowledge its failure of not being able to protect the system. As the rebellion movement will be growing, the media will start changing its narrative, so protesters won’t be portrayed as protesters anymore but as fighters for freedom because the media will need to justify the coverage. Once the media starts supporting the movement, that will be the moment when it won’t be called anarchism anymore, but a revolution.

It simply won’t be anarchism anymore because there won’t be a dictatorship. In this case, it won’t be anarchism because there won’t be censorship.

Anarchism is simply the other side of the coin of dictatorship, and it represents a transitional period that precedes the revolution.

The media will play a key role because the media are the state. If the current system is a democracy, then the media are democratic. If the current system is a dictatorship, then the media are dictatorial. If the current system is anarchism, then the media are anarchist. Therefore, the role of the media is not to protect democracy, but the current system, whichever that is.

That is why this is the first time you have read this monumental news — we have entered the time of anarchism.

Photo: Karlo Tasler

This is one of the options society can turn into in the near future, and, unlike Marxism, it is not utopian at all. I’ll be writing about other options as well.

“Without a concerted and nation-wide revolution, revolutionary action looks like mere selfishness” — Epicureans, the followers of the ancient philosopher Epicurus



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